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12/4/20 — The Day Mike Flynn Outed Himself As “Q” — Part I

I’m not sure how it gets any clearer

The week after Flynn’s pardon, on 12/4/20, Flynn paid back his old friend Jeffrey Pedersen, one of the original and most prolific QAnon propagandists who larped under the name “InTheMatrixxx.” The last real Q drop which was a Twister Sister song Mike Flynn likes, was four days later.

Flynn went on Pedersen’s show and, giddy from his feeling of invincibility after being pardoned the week before, Flynn basically confessed to being “Q” and made it clear that he wanted his “digital soldiers” to get in line because there would be instructions to come. I heard it live and recorded it. It was insane.

The clip is just the intro to the show while Mike Flynn and Jeffrey Pedersen fumble with trying to get the connection to work. Regardless, it tells you the main thing. Mike Flynn intentionally and publicly went on a QAnon show immediately after he got pardoned.

I added a bunch of notes to help understand what’s going on in the podcast. Here it is on downloadable Vimeo.

Here are Flynn and Jeffrey Pedersen a couple of months ago at the “2000 Mules” premier party.

There are many more clips of interest from this interview. More to come soon.


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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