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168 Hate Accounts

Serially banned harasser "Robin" reports my YouTube account and provides "Appendix A" for my lawsuit

One of the most vicious accounts on Twitter, who has invented a mirror universe in which he is somehow the victim of him unilaterally harassing me since January 2021, proves everything I have been saying. He has no reason to report me except to interfere with my work.

He has also given me a fairly comprehensive list of the malicious operatives who have been harassing me for two years.

Mike Rothschild and David Gilbert have blue checks and claim to be “journalists.” Why would they be following a noxious chaos agent devoted to harming me personally? It’s a mystery.

There are 168 accounts following this single purpose hate account, many of whom I’ve identified by name, who have all participated in defaming, deplatforming, harassing and tortiously interfering with my work.

This list will be a fantastic addition to Exhibit A of my lawsuit. You motherfuckers are not going to get away with this. Your purpose is clear, your tactics are obvious and the people you work for are going to prison. Keep trying to silence me if you want, but you are on the wrong side of everything and I’m not going anywhere.


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