47: The Number that Redpills Rap Fans into Neo-Nazi Ideologies

This is one of the numbers tattooed on the Highland Park shooter’s face


h/t @gal_suburban @clayberg

The neo-nazi mass murderer Robert Crimo was a fan of the rapper “Capital Steez” who used a lot of esoteric numerology and was obsessed with the number 47. He also created this logo, which has since been appropriated into neo-nazi radicalization pipelines. In the video this guy describes how numerology caused him to reconsider whether the swastika is all that bad after all.

Capital Steez died in 2012 at the age of 19. There is no indication he held neo-nazi beliefs.

Regardless, this pipeline intentionally mixes swastika-like imagery with numerology and rap music to normalize white nationalism.

Here’s the full video, time-stamped. This is a first hand description of being red-pilled through numerology — and propaganda designed to red-pill others.

Here’s the number 47 tattooed on neo-nazi Crimo’s face for one of the rap songs he created to visualize murdering people at a parade.

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I will note this kind of dangerous syncretism extends far beyond rap. For example, neo-nazis have deeply infiltrated the crypto market as well.

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