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American Mindf*ck: The QAnon Documentary They Don't Want You to See

This is the truth about QAnon. I know because QAnon is using my ideas

American Mindf*ck is a 45 minute documentary about QAnon — how it works, who’s responsible, and what its true goals are. It’s taken me a year and a half to get this out but I’m extremely proud of it, and eternally grateful to the many wonderful people who helped me finally get this done.

I’ve only shown this to a few dozen people so far, but many of them told me it was helpful to understanding the madness unfolding around us. That’s the only goal.

I’m simultaneously releasing it on YouTube, below, and on Vimeo which you are free to download and share as well. Please take a look and if you find value, please share it every way you can. Thank you, friends. 🙏💙

UPDATE: As I said, they don’t want you to see it. They managed to get my YouTube channel taken down. Share the Substack and Vimeo link. Download it and share it that way. I’m appealing.


I recorded an interview in February 2021, the month after the insurrection, to create an episode for a series some friends and I wanted to produce about the psychological war we all see and feel around us. We felt it was important to provide people tools for understanding the rising insanity in our world. So we produced a draft episode which is what I’m now sharing publicly for the first time.

There are a couple of things I would say differently now and I said “August 13th” from memory when it should have been August 12th. But I stand by every word.

As you will see in the video, at the time I was trying to set up a volunteer group that would share the knowledge of the world’s best experts on the subject of undue influence (brainwashing) with the friends and family of QAnon cult members.

Heartbreakingly, the group got infiltrated and broken up. Libelous hit pieces were being written about me and the group. Hundreds of trolls were swarming us. And worst of all, people I trusted turned out to be nothing more than chaos agents who were there to destroy us.

Regardless, my friends and I tried to get the series sold to some big networks. We got close with a few but the well had been poisoned with disinfo from an HBO documentary, preposterously pinning “Q” on Ron Watkins. Of course, the people responsible for destroying my volunteer group were the same people who starred in the HBO doc and continue to promote this lie.

So at the end of 2021, we decided to just release the episode for free because we felt it was important. I contacted MeidasTouch who soon after announced, on the anniversary of the insurrection, January 6th, 2022, that they would be distributing this doc.

At the time, I was permanently banned for not breaking any rules because I responded to Mike Flynn’s ally Tony Shaffer who called me a “sexual predator and a felon” which were defamatory lies.

Then an hour after Meidas announced the documentary, with the hashtag #FreeJimStewartson, Twitter suddenly decided to unban me and apologized (again) because I had not broken any rules. This was my first clue that Twitter knew precisely what they were doing with me. Meidas has a lot of influence and this was bad PR for Twitter.

Then for five days, I came under assault by waves of trolls who lied about me thousands of times and attacked Meidas for working with me, often tagging Twitter and Twitter Safety. I barely responded to any of it because I knew then Twitter was looking for an excuse to ban me. So I spent the time doing a 200 tweet thread showing my record of providing valuable, prescient information.

Then on Jan 11th, out of nowhere, I got permanently banned again. This time was for “ban evasion” of the ban that Twitter had apologized for and reversed. I did not evade any ban and (again) I did not break any rules. Subsequently, through the help of friends, I have learned in black and white that Twitter executives intentionally banned me for nothing, costing me 60,000 followers and thousands of hours of my work.

Regardless, not only did the trolls, hate and lies not stop when I got banned, they intensified in my absence. Meidas got buried in trolls and got concerned about being a target leading up to the 2022 elections and withdrew from the doc. I understood the reasons and agreed with them. I didn’t want them to risk their platform because of my trolls. They have more important things to be concerned with.

It has taken me seven months since then to rebuild my voice on Substack, set up a YouTube channel and recreate some of the work that was intentionally destroyed while a dedicated team of trolls and chaos agents lies about me all day, every day on Twitter and tries to silence me everywhere I go.

Despite all of that, thanks to the gracious, volunteer efforts of dear friends, I’m finally able to release this video.

To the people thinking about creative ways to attack this documentary and the rest of my work, all you are doing is telling on yourselves. My work speaks for itself.

To my friends and subscribers, thank you for sticking with me. They are not going to shut us up.

Below is a livestream where I walk through some more updated information about “Q.”


MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Jim Stewartson