Mar 13, 2022 • 11M

An Extraordinary Claim: QAnon Was an Inside Job

FREE EPISODE: I discuss a clip from my interview with Manuel Chavez aka Defango where he asserts that Trump administration official Justin McConney started QAnon.

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Jim Stewartson
Dispatches from the MindWar: A podcast about psyops, cults and the dark operations that enforce malicious narratives.
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I interviewed Manuel Chavez aka Defango for my podcast, but he chose to live stream it instead.

Jim Stewartson #IAmAntiFascist
You may be shocked to learn that a guy named “Defango” is an asshole.
This is sadly a pretty typical story when trying to investigate disinformation and bad actors. Not just Manny Chavez III aka Defango aka Kang Pirate but everyone like him. They will take advantage of every possible thing to do what benefits themselves in the short term, without regard for anyone else, or the long term consequences…
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Working with people like Defango is part of the process of trying to sort out truth and fiction. The reason I talk to him at all is that, for the most part, his story is consistent and keeps checking out. I never believed a word he said because he lies and deceives people for fun and profit. But a lot of his story has turned out to be accurate.

I didn’t rely on anything Defango said to figure this out. But he was the person who told me this story first. It is a fact that Microchip/McConney and James Brower from MAGA3X started the “Q” LARP.

Jim Stewartson #IAmAntiFascist
The first “Q” was James Brower and Microchip working for #MAGA3X, Flynn (and the Russians)
Jack Posobiec said “QAnon was started by two friends of mine.” While Posobiec often lies, this time he’s not — he’s referring to his friends James Brower and “Microchip.” I’ll get into Microchip more in a separate post, but for now think of him as the worst troll on the internet, both in terms of message and ability. He’s behind some of the most brutal …
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Defango’s claim is that not only did they write the first “Q drops” but that QAnon was planned, operated and executed it from the beginning by an employee of the Federal Government. Please judge for yourself.

If you’re new to the podcast, here’s an introduction:

Jim Stewartson #IAmAntiFascist
Welcome to the MindWar
Listen now (15 min) | Hey all! Starting a podcast for my paid subscribers. It’s about information warfare, psyops, cults and the dark operations that enforce malicious narratives…
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