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Ann Vandersteel, Traitor

Mike Flynn’s employee and former “Q drop” writer is getting her instructions directly from the Kremlin

I condensed Ann Vandersteele’s latest “Zelenko Report” which is named after the late anti-vax propagandist Vladimir Zelenko, who was a leader of Mike Flynn’s deadly anti-vax grift America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS). Another “doctor” that is still part of AFLDS is Simone Gold, who just got out of prison for being an insurrectionist.

Here’s the logo of the Zelenko Report:

“Z” of course, is Vladimir Putin’s logo for his “special military operation in Ukraine” which is a euphemism for war crimes. Ann Vandersteel happily repeats that phrase while calling Ukraine a “Nazi regime” and Zelenskyy a “puppet.”

Vandersteel is running her show on the “Natural News” network, which is a huge interlocking set of disinformation websites that are designed to entrap and brainwash Americans into fascist ideology.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
NaturalNews Nightmare: The Network of Death Spreading Kremlin Psyops in the United States
Introduction “” is the center of a vast disinformation network designed to cause maximum harm to the United States and her citizens. For well over two decades, the operator of this network, Mike Adams, has intentionally delivered well-crafted psyops into the brains of tens of millions of people in order to fleece them of their money and co…
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Vandersteel has been a Russian propagandist for a long time and Mike Flynn tapped her along with Dave Hayes aka Praying Medic to write Q drops in Summer 2018 until 8chan got taken down in August 2019.

Vandersteel is deeply connected to Flynn’s entire network. She was in business with insurrectionist Jason Sullivan, ex-NSA traitor Bill Binney and white nationalist cartoonist Ben Garrison.

She travels on Flynn’s QAnon psyops tour and says she speaks with Eric Trump frequently, not to mention her boss Mike Flynn.

What is remarkable about this is the seditionist call to action in conjunction with brazen, Kremlin-approved propaganda. There is nothing hidden or mysterious about this. Vandersteel wants WWIII or whatever it will take to take down the government that she must realize knows everything about her. She wants Putin to win and is doing everything in her power to help.

She and her guest Michael Yon see Putin as a boss, a leader, who is going “cut the arteries” of Europe and drive them into a famine which Ann and Mike are very excited for.

Vandersteel is also pushing for people to “renounce their citizenship” to the United States which she claimed she has already done as part of the “sovereign citizen” “State National” hoax.

All of this is aiding and abetting an enemy waging war not just on Ukraine, but on the United States of America. It’s black-letter Treason.

These people need to be arrested and tried for their crimes. This is not “free speech,” it is psychological warfare in the project to turn American on itself and spark a civil and/or world war.


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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