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Antisemitic QAnon Propagandist Jordan Sather Attempts to Explain “5th Generation Warfare”

QAnon and blatant ban evasion is back in style baby!
Controlled opposition fake journalist Will Sommer and his friend, antisemitic QAnon propagandist Jordan Sather

Jordan Sather has been part of QAnon since literally the beginning. He started posting videos about “Q” a few days after the first drops. He’s friends with propagandists Tracy Diaz, literal Nazi Jack Posobiec and fake journalist Will Sommer along with a who’s who of white nationalists and dangerous propagandists up to and including “reptilians” promoter David Icke.

This is ban evasion in the open but ICYMI, QAnon is allowed on Twitter now.

As I have mentioned, Mike Flynn has been promoting “5th generation warfare” to his QAnon audience for months now, and it’s used in the new antivax propaganda film “Died Suddenly.

I have to say, after five years of the same act, you would think antisemitic QAnon propagandist Jordan Sather would have gotten better at this. Everything about this is terrible.

I added a soundtrack though, which is a vast improvement if you ask me. 🤡

#ArrestMikeFlynn #EvacuateTwitter

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