Bannon Joins Dugin’s Call for an “Army of the Awakened”

Bannon and Flynn are huge Dugin fans

Last weekend in Huntington Beach, Steve Bannon gave a speech with Mike Flynn in the audience. There is almost no difference between what Bannon is saying and what Putin’s strategist Aleksandr Dugin said a few days ago.

In the video, Bannon calls for “war” from “an army of the awakened” and notes that they “have allies.” I added some elevator music to blunt the psychotic screeching a little. #TheScreechening

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Putin, Dugin and Flynn: “A Culture of Awakening” to Prepare for WWIII
Five days ago, Putin’s strategist, genocidal Nazi Aleksandr Dugin, called for “mobilisation” of Russia and declared total war on the West. Yesterday, Dugin wrote this article advocating for the “Russian information machine” to provide “the [material and psychological] conditions” for war against “the West…
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Today, Dugin continues to raise the stakes and calls for total war, threatening a “likely” nuclear scenario if Dugin and Putin don’t get what they want.

Here’s a PDF — translated from Italian.

Putin's Fateful Speech Is Being Prepared Three Scenarios | Геополитика
1.45MB ∙ PDF file

#TheScreechening is getting truly psychotic as the cult leaders realize their best laid plans are going to land them in prison unless they can create a kinetic war — quickly.

The conspiracy between Putin, Dugin, Flynn, Bannon, Prince, Stone, Thiel, Trump and their “army of the awakened” aka “digital soldiers” can no longer hide in plain sight so they are just going for broke.

Whatever. Cope and seethe, bitches. You got caught. Take your medicine.


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Jim Stewartson