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CNN is THIS Close to Understanding QAnon

All the pieces are there. Sadly they’ve been influenced by disinfo.

This interview between three people I respect — Anderson Cooper, Donie O’Sullivan and Andrew McCabe — has all the right pieces to tell a coherent story about QAnon. But they can’t quite grasp the big picture. So I am here to help! I added some commentary in the video. 🤓

They refer over and over to operations and people that are controlled by Mike Flynn, but at the moment his name actually comes up around 3:30, they reflexively call him a “grifter.”

The reason for this is that there has been an intentional effort by bad actors in the press to deflect attention from both Mike Flynn and the Russians. These are the ones who have flooded the zone with the idea that Flynn is a grifter who took advantage of QAnon to sell t-shirts. Wrong.

Mike Flynn started Q. He is Q. It is not complicated.

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The people pushing the lie that “Q” is “unknowable” or Paul Furber or Ron Watkins or anyone but Mike Flynn and the Russians, are people who have been hanging around the chans since well before GamerGate. One of them created GamerGate which was the model for Pizzagate which was the model for QAnon. Is that really who you choose to believe about this CNN? Really?

Quiz: What was the name of the misogynistic cult that started on 4chan because 4chan is popular and then moved to 8chan to get people even more radicalized and then moved into the mainstream and grew in intensity until it finally erupted into violence?

Trick question. This was true of GamerGate, Pizzagate and QAnon.


Here’s a downloadable Vimeo:

Here’s the original:

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