David E. Martin, Mike Flynn and Me

Consummate con man David Martin and I have crossed paths. Now he’s fomenting civil war for Mike Flynn.

On July 23, 2021, I was looking through an obscure appearance by Mike Flynn at a Church in California — the Church of Glad Tidings. I found this clip and tweeted it.

It is one of many viral tweets I did showing Flynn’s plans for violence. It got quite a bit of attention, although as usual they didn’t credit me, they credited an account who used my video. Whatever.


Here’s the tweet the story linked to today — my video is gone. Good job Twitter.

Anyway, at the same appearance, I saw that someone I have met a few times, David E. Martin, was doing sedition too.

“Evil is chickenshit when it comes to truth.”

The reason I met David Martin is that David Martin is a conman who preys on people who don’t know any better so he can take their money.

Without naming unnecessary names, I ended up on a phone call with David E. Martin, a billionaire and a bunch of his sycophants in 2011. Someone vouched for conman David Martin and said he had a pitch for the billionaire. I was asked to listen in.

David Martin had invented “patent insurance” which was insurance for people who had patents that might get sued by people who wanted to steal their patents. He wanted to sell this invented insurance to the billionaire because the billionaire had a lot of patents to “insure.”

I listened patiently to his con while the sycophants vaguely assented.

When everyone was done muttering the billionaire asked me what I thought. I said I thought this was the equivalent of someone selling you fire insurance after they throw a molotov cocktail in your house when you open the front door.

I told David Martin I thought he was a fraud and that his pitch was embarrassing to listen to. David Martin was mad.

David Martin showed up again to try to sell the billionaire “augmented reality” glasses that supposedly broke several laws of physics to allow a user to see through walls.

You can imagine how that went.

I also saw him at Cannes Lions. He ran away so fast when he saw me. 😂

Anyway, David Martin is back at Glad Tidings to ”Premier” a new video. h/t @davetroy


Apparently, like Mike Flynn, David E. Martin believes that the only chance he has to remain a free man for much longer is to try to break the system that would incarcerate him.

David Martin is going to get more attention soon. But it’s not going to be the kind he likes. 🙃

Here’s the trailer for this seditionist propaganda. Note YouTube says my documentary is “glorifying violence” but this heinous shit is fine.


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Jim Stewartson