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Dear Twitter: Part I

It’s been six months, so I’m asking nicely one last time. Please give my account back. @jimstewartson

Hello friends, please share this article and/or download and share the video on Twitter. Tagging @TwitterSafety, @paraga, and/or @yoyoel is an option as well.

Note that you may get some trolls if you share this. Please comment below or email me links if you get attacked. I will use any trolling for Part II — if I need to make it.


Jim 🇺🇸💙🏴‍☠️

Dear Twitter, Inc.:

It has been six months to the day since I was permanently banned from Twitter for not breaking any rules.

With the same growth I had when you banned me, you have stolen, conservatively, a quarter of a billion impressions from me and my followers over the last half year. As you know by now, all of my bans were inauthentic and resulted from false reporting and cooperation from Twitter Safety because my account had been mysteriously “flagged,”

Not only were these bans harmful and wrong, you have knowingly allowed a large coordinated hate campaign to be waged against me, my friends and projects ever since.

Please return my account and stop compounding the harm that’s been done. All I want to do is inform my followers. Regardless, I’m not giving up until you fix your platform and stop allowing mass harm to your users.


Trolls and Miscreants
An examination of the goals, strategies and tactics of malicious online actors
Jim Stewartson