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Did Mike Flynn Enable Putin’s Annexation of Crimea in 2014?

Ukraine has always been Putin’s target

This NPR interview in March 7, 2014 with Mike Flynn, who was at the time in charge of military intelligence for the United States as head of the DIA, is incredibly damning. In my opinion, this shows conclusively that Mike Flynn was already in Putin’s pocket when he was fired at the end of April.

This interview was conducted in the middle of Putin’s illegal annexation of Crimea with “little green men.” Flynn claims, vaguely, that he warned the administration of Putin’s move “a week before” that something was “imminent” but for some reason no one acted on it.

John McCain, a long-time target of Mike Flynn (and “Q”) criticized Flynn’s failure to warn about it and said they “misread the intentions” of Putin.

Why was the Obama administration caught so flat-footed about this invasion? Did the man in charge of making sure that didn’t happen intentionally keep that information hidden to serve Putin? Did he intentionally fail to disrupt Putin’s plan or even actively enable it in his role?

Tellingly, even after the invasion, Flynn wanted to invite the Russians to Washington for talks.

Flynn also waves off Edward Snowden’s leaked intelligence secrets going to the Russians. And he pushes the lie that Syria was full of ISIS “training camps,” which was Putin’s pretext for invading and committing genocide on the population there.

Less than two months after the interview, Mike Flynn was fired by Barack Obama, which was the correct thing to do. But it further cemented Flynn’s alliance with Putin and radicalized him into the nightmarish cult leader we see leading a fifth column in the United States.

Washington Post — April 30, 2014

Eight years later, here’s Mike Flynn attacking President Zelenskyy and wishing death on an American patriot fighting for democracy in Ukraine.

What is it going to take??


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