Apr 9, 2022 • 1HR 55M

Dispensationalism with @gal_suburban

Two non-believers discuss the darkest reaches of Christian doomsday ideology

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Jim Stewartson
Dispatches from the MindWar: A podcast about psyops, cults and the dark operations that enforce malicious narratives.
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You should follow @gal_suburban because she is one of the most effective researchers on Twitter and regularly comes up with mind blowing threads. We had a crazy two-hour conversation that was basically two non-believers navigating Christian Harry Potter. It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot.

She introduces a bonkers but shockingly common strain of Christian extremism — dispensationalism, which proposes that the Old Testament is a literal reading of history and one can both see the past and predict the future from it.

Interestingly, in a lot of dispensationalist doctrine, Russia’s aggression is seen as desirable because it’s supposed to happen before the Rapture, when all Christian believers will rise above the earth and be saved.

Without getting too deep in the details, dispensationalists are “pre-trib” which means that the Rapture is supposed to happen before the “Tribulation” which is when all the heretics get slaughtered.

Dispensationalists often visualize themselves rising above a bloodbath of unbelievers who wouldn’t listen when they had the chance. This fellow is willing to bet his car and house on it.

Here are some dispensationalists on 1/6 speaking in tongues en masse to pray that Pence would unconstitutionally overturn the election.

And while it’s unclear whether Putin is intentionally using dispensationalist symbology to signal to Christian doomsday cultists, the letter “Z” certainly does have importance in the ideology.

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