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Flynn Drops a Dirty Bomb on America 🚨

“It’s go time. There’s a lot of psyoppers out there.”

h/t OSINT Ninjas

and @Clay.

I’ve been warning about Mike Flynn for two and a half years, and paid a very steep price for doing so.

Nonetheless, I proved that he’s responsible for Pizzagate and QAnon, accurately predicted the insurrection based on his movements, identified his fascist occult ideology, and showed exactly how his operation works. Apparently, however, that is just fine with the Justice Department, the White House and the Pentagon.

His latest ”book,” “The Citizen’s Guide to 5th Generation Warfare,” should remove all doubt about who he is and the role he has played all along. It should not only raise alarms, it should trigger an immediate arrest. This is a dirty bomb dropped on America:

Why “dirty bomb?” Because this is not a simple explosion, it’s the intentional release of deadly radiation that will travel through air currents and water tables to kill random people who were nowhere near it.

Mike Flynn and his former Army PSYOP subordinate in the Middle East, Boone Cutler, have created a book with the explicit, overt objective of putting military-grade psychological warfare weapons in the hands of ordinary Americans in order to sow division and ignite mass violence.

Here’s an ongoing Mastodon thread with a lot more detail on the book:

In the video, Flynn admits that his book is a “call to action” for Americans to use military PSYOP on other Americans. His co-author, Army PSYOP specialist Boone Cutler, then makes crystal clear who the target audience is.

“There’s a lot of psyoppers out there.”

Yes there are. And no one acknowledges it. Except the enemy, who gets the entire battlefield to themselves.

The host, on the left, is QAnon propagandist “Patel Patriot” aka Jon Herold who invented a 20+ part conspiracy theory called “Devolution.”

This is an act of war. This is literal, blatant Treason. These men are taking up arms against their fellow citizens, and aiding and abetting our enemies. The “arms” may be “non-kinetic” now but they are just as capable of inflicting suffering and death.

The President, Secretary of Defense and Merrick Garland are leaving America wide open to this attack because apparently they are too fucking scared of Mike Flynn to confront him.

They need to get it together. It is “go time” whether they like it or not. We are in a hot war. This is WWIII.

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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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