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Flynn Embraces Being “Commander of the Holy War” on NAR Podcast

Flynn wants his chaos agents to be “prophets”

Mike Flynn is embracing his role after PBS/Frontline created the documentary “Mike Flynn’s Holy War.”

Flynn was on Julie Green’s show a couple of days ago. Green is a “prophet” of the New Apostolic Reformation which seeks to create a “fifth branch of christendom” that wants to bring back “prophets” and “apostles.”

In reality, it’s just a way to allow charlatans like Julie Green to receive her “prophecies” on her cell phone and get people to believe her. Here she says she predicted a big plague and claims a victory from a local lantern fly infestation.

On her show, Mike Flynn complains about the PBS/Frontline documentary and tells Green’s audience that he’s going to be a “poll watcher.” Then Flynn says a former Special Ops colleague of his said Flynn got promoted to “Commander of the Holy War.”

Flynn enjoys that title, so one of his employees on his QAnon psyops tour repeats it.

This is not a joke. Flynn wants people to think he is Archangel Michael. He wants them to believe he is commander of a holy war.

We better start pushing back or his prediction will come true. He’s been building an army of “digital soldiers” for six years that have training to be real ones.


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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