Flynn Exposes “The Greatest Crime in US History” AND “The Largest Crime of Our Century” 😂

The good news is that nobody died. One traitor got his feelings hurt though.

I’m sorry for all the Flynn posts but my god is he off the hook lately.

Flynnie is seriously freaking out about Russia at the same time that his network is doing constant unadulterated Kremlin propaganda. It’s quite a sight.

He says that the perfectly normal unmasking of his name after he got overheard by the NSA illegally talking to the Russian ambassador a few weeks after he cooperated with Russia to steal the 2016 election is the “Greatest Crime in US History.”

Not Native American genocide, slavery, the Confederacy, Watergate, Lincoln, JFK… those are small potatoes. But the normal, legal process that got Flynn caught with his pants down conspiring with the Russians is serious business, y’all.

Also, Flynn thinks you should never forget that the “leaking” of Flynn’s name to the Washington Post after he was unmasked in the normal process of journalism is “The Largest Crime of Our Century.”

9/11 was no big deal you see, compared to Flynnie getting his peepee spanked in the newspaper for being a traitor.

This fucking guy. #ArrestMikeFlynn

Jim Stewartson