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Flynn Praises Antisemite Kanye West for Being “Honest”

This is so fucked up on so many levels. Another gullible billionaire bites the dust

Mike Flynn says he’s “very excited” about Kanye West buying Parler and goes on an extended condescending, patronizing rant about how “authentic” and “honest” Kanye is.

Flynn is excited because Kanye West, who just threatened to go “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE“ is “saying things that a lot of other people are [thinking].”

Flynn can barely hide his racist scorn when he says about Kanye, “he doesn’t know what other than telling the truth is… he doesn’t not know what lying is.”

Kanye West is another Mike Lindell or Patrick Byrne — a gullible, mentally ill billionaire who got targeted and weaponized by Mike Flynn’s network of psychological terrorists. Unfortunately this one is willing to say all the quiet parts out loud.

Just what Flynn needs right now. The last thing the world needs right now.

This will keep getting worse until we put Mike Flynn and his allies in prison.


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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