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Flynn Propagandist Says All the Quiet Parts in Five Minutes

Joe Oltmann is dangerous and needs to be locked up. TW: transphobia, great replacement theory, calls to violence

h/t @Gal Suburban / @Clayberg

The video above has music to cut through the sociopathy and bigotry which I find helpful to withstanding the content. But here’s one on Vimeo without any music if you prefer.

Joe Oltmann is a Mike Flynn propagandist connected to Mike Lindell, Patrick Byrne, Ron Watkins, Ivan Raiklin and many others in Flynn’s Harem of Dunces. Oltmann worked in “unofficial diplomacy in the Middle East” from 2010-2013.

He was recently fired from a technology company for putting “troubling files” on a company server.

[Corrected. Oltmann does not appear to have a military background.]

Oltmann invented an “Antifa” Zoom call with a Dominion employee after the 2020 election to help commit election fraud. Then he went on Mike Flynn’s QAnon tour to promote it. It got him sued along with OANN, Sidney Powell and Fox.

Oltmann seems to be perfectly comfortable committing perjury:

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While Oltmann is always over the top, this particular tirade is incredibly telling about where they are heading with all this. Notes:

  • Celebrating destruction of public education

  • They are already setting up the Big Lie for DeSantis specifically. Oltmann is already managing losses in the midterms. “Governor DeSantis is in trouble in Florida”

    • “Greatest experiment in the last two years has been in Florida”

  • Calling people “lazy” and ”pathetic” for not “speaking up” and for “giving up to the Devil”

  • Deeply offensive transphobia and homophobia with no filter shows they are trying to regress laws and scapegoat LGBTQ+ as an intentional strategy

  • “Mama bears” refers to Flynn anti-mask operatives “Iowa Mama Bears”

  • Defends Mike Lindell. Says he spent $30-40M 👀

  • Fear of immigrants: “What are you willing to stand up for? Taco Bell?”

  • “Fun to watch blood spilled”

  • Projection: “The radical left… loves chaos”

  • Mike Flynn propaganda: “Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates” is a reference to overthrowing the government by invoking a 16th Calvinist idea with no bearing on American law

  • “Stand in the Gap” “Fight to my dying breath” is preparing people for death

  • Posing “two paths” of “redemption” or “annihilation, wrath of God” uses a fake conflict as a life and death choice

In general, Oltmann’s job seems to be to push the envelope in the direction Flynn wants and to interact with the money guys. Here’s the premiere of “The Deep Rig” which was a Big Lie movie Patrick Byrne paid for.

Above: Ann Vandersteel is a Flynn/Kremlin propagandist who wrote lots of Q drops. Patrick Byrne is a mindfucked billionaire who slept with Maria Butina and funds Flynn’s propaganda. Joe Flynn is Mike Flynn’s Fredo who has been profanely trolling me for several weeks through email. Phil Waldron is an Army PSYOP guy who helped plan the insurrection. And Joe Oltmann.

Joe Oltmann is not “QAnon” per se but he does everything he can for “Q” aka Mike Flynn.

We need to figure out as a civilization how to make it against the rules to set up shop on the internet with the sole purpose of brainwashing people into committing violence.


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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