Flynn Pushes Violent Imagery About Elections

Trump surfs a wave of blood back into power 🚨🚨

Mike Flynn’s traveling psychological operation to brainwash American citizens into his genocidal death cult is called the “The Great Awakening vs. The Great Reset” which is the same name as latest book by “Putin’s Brain,” neo-nazi psychopath Aleksandr Dugin.

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On today’s edition of Flynn’s podcast, they make clear and direct signals that they want mass violence during the election. Using a Joe Rogan quote about a “red wave” that will look like “the elevator doors in The Shining” they portray Donald Trump surfing a wave of blood back into power.

Flynn says Christianity is about “forgiveness” but also “accountability” right before Clay Clark shows his bloody video.

Flynn and his team of propagandists force laughs while it plays but there is nothing funny about it. To avoid any doubt about what this is about, one of the hosts admits it’s about equating the “red wave” with “‘REDRUM’ from The Shining.”

“REDRUM” is “MURDER” backwards.

They know exactly what they’re doing. I hope the FBI is paying attention this time.



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Jim Stewartson