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FYAAAH: Stella Immanuel Rages Against Demonic Satellites (Music Video)

Gotta lighten things up somehow

OK, wow. Mike Flynn seems to have sent the memo out to his propagandists that they might as well just go ahead and tell people what he wants — violent, bloody, holy war.

Flynn was apparently so pleased with Stella’s sickening, bonkers performance last night, that he requested she do it again, but this time with more murder and violent calls to action.

Watching this crowd eat up her absolutely psychotic mixture of QAnon, and ISIS-like christofascist radicalization tactics is punishing. They have completely lost the ability to distinguish a pathetic charlatan from some sort of prophet.

Anyway, since I’m putting myself through this, I figured I’d package it up in a format that is hopefully easier to get through. Here’s a medley of Stella’s, uh, performance today.

Also available on YouTube. Feel free to subscribe.

And shareable, downloadable Vimeo:


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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