“Great Turnout”

Normally I just let this shit go by, but this is so pathetic I think it’s a worthwhile data point

A few dozen mostly senior citizen racists — plus one innocent child who has a tough life ahead of him — gathered in what seems to be the rec room of an assisted care facility in “The Villages.”

For 22 seconds they shouted the slogan of the KKK and the American Nazi Party to support a Jewish candidate for Congress who is being endorsed by white nationalist traitor Mike Flynn and Holocaust-denier Nick Fuentes.

But if you have to drag in people who seem to have no idea where they are and include people’s uninterested caregivers in your shot, just to get a slightly less than completely empty room at the fucking Villages in Florida, well, maybe your “movement” isn’t moving so good.

Fuentes, like a lot of other nazis, is also pissed off about Dugin’s daughter getting exploded. 💥

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