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Hello Twitter “Safety”

Here is museum quality coordinated harmful activity, targeted harassment and abuse by @KassandraSeven and dozens of collaborators

Here are last few days of @KassandraSeven’s timeline as seen in the Discord server where I collect the feeds of over a hundred trolls and disinformation agents — most of whom have participated in targeted harassment against me, my colleagues, projects and partners over the course of a year and a half.

In this video she is is collecting the abuse of dozens of trolls and trying to get as much hate and anger ginned up against me as possible. As one person fighting what feels like an army, I have to write a lot about trolls on Substack because they got me banned from Twitter. My only purpose is getting them to stop.

@KassandraSeven and her cohorts are professional social media assassins — who play the victim as a primary strategy.

Her timeline is an exercise in inauthentic smear tactics. Cherry picking lines from unrelated articles and private stolen chats, giving false context or none at all to anything she says, amplifying the lies of single purpose hate accounts, amplifying the lies of disinformation agents, weaponizing misogyny and completely misrepresenting herself in the process.

Here are @KassandraSeven’s tweets from 12/28/21 - 2/21/22. Thousands of tweets about me and my colleagues, coordinating with the same group of trolls that has been psychologically assaulting and smearing me and anyone who agrees with me for a year and a half.

She got me inauthentically suspended in collaboration with a who’s who of harmful trolls — TWICE. I was permanently banned because of this. Here is 351MB of coordinated harmful activity, targeted harassment and abuse. 👇

351MB ∙ PDF file

Yoel Roth and Twitter Safety have a problem. They have a disinformation cult on Twitter that targets and harasses anyone they disagree with. And Twitter Safety cooperates by silencing the voices of the people that are targeted.

It needs to stop. I want my account back and I want this group of social media terrorists shut down. I am pursuing all legal remedies at this time, but I would prefer to just be able to do my work on Twitter without being harmed. Twitter Safety needs to step up and look hard at this before it escalates.

Many of the people participating in this attack were also in the conversation when Rob McNeece was trolled into suicide. They are trying to do that to me. I’m going to disappoint them.

Trolls and Miscreants
An examination of the goals, strategies and tactics of malicious online actors
Jim Stewartson