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How much is Johnny Depp paying #KassandraSusan to influence his trial?

Failed travel blogger goes after Amber Heard?

I have been trying diligently to ignore the trolls but this is worth pointing out. This is a video of @KassandraSeven’s twitter feed and some video of Johnny Depp testifying. Why on earth is she so dedicated to attacking Amber Heard and her witnesses? 🤔

Check out her account over the last few days. It is really something. This morning she’s mad at the ACLU for quoting Amber Heard’s victim testimony. This is coordinated harmful activity and targeted harassment. Period.

As I have documented, the account @KassandraSeven is a weaponized professional troll that gets paid to target individuals for money. I am a victim of her abuse and have been seriously harmed by her actions. The person behind it, failed travel blogger Susan who lives in a New York City apartment and has been lying about herself for six years, will hear from me soon.

Last year, after she trolled me for months and helped destroy my volunteer group, Susan participated in targeted harassment of Rebekah Jones and engineered her suspension along with the harmful LARP “Conspirador Norteno” who is a Twitter assassin who deplatforms people for money.

Johnny Depp, or someone who really likes him is paying for a huge amount of horrendous attacks on Amber Heard. Search his name on Youtube. There is a torrent of abuse directed at Amber Heard. This is a classic influence operation designed at swaying the public and the jurors.

#KassandraSeven is being paid to participate in this campaign. Hundreds and hundreds of tweets like this coordinated with her usual crew.

I have no dog in that fight. I don’t care tbh what goes on with celebrities other than abuse of any kind is intolerable.

But adjudicating that is what the courts are for. The singular torrent of abuse aimed at Amber Heard and her witnesses is in no way authentic. #KassandraSusan is an incredibly harmful account and it’s astonishing that Twitter is so bereft of common sense that they can’t figure it out.

Or maybe they’re ok with it?

Maybe it has something to do with this? 🤷‍♂️

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