Mar 11, 2022 • 56M

Interview with the Notorious H.I.F.I.

My dear friend and podcast partner joins me for an unfiltered look at the dark underbelly of the internet

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Jim Stewartson
Dispatches from the MindWar: A podcast about psyops, cults and the dark operations that enforce malicious narratives.
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This was an amazing conversation with one of the most interesting and kindest people I have ever met. He goes by the name High Fidelity, HiFi for short.

We dive into his history with the original “Big Bang” of trolling and psyops on Something Awful and 4chan. We walk through the weaponization of these tactics through GamerGate and QAnon and how it led to where we are today. He also explains in detail how and why he has his… colorful reputation. 😆

You can see High Fidelity with me, Heidi Cuda and Sean Conner on the Radicalized: Truth Survives podcast.

HiFi was also joined Tony Michaels recently to discuss some of the discoveries he made about the sketchy finances of the Canadian Trucker Convoy from examining GiveSendGo data. You can see that here: