Ivan is Terrible

I had a little fun with Mike Flynn’s insurrectionist psyop lawyer and made him channel Marjorie Taylor Greene who is not the person who placed the pipe bombs. Gal asks, “Ivan?”

Feel free to download and share. https://vimeo.com/user19396886/download/727213763/50804387ca

Ivan Raiklin is a psychopathic criminal and former Green Beret who works for and worships Mike Flynn. He needs to be subpoenaed and brought into custody before he hurts anyone (else).

I posted this video of Ivan in his comments and I guess he took a shine to it and posted it for everyone on his Telegram channel. Fun to be called a “domestic terrorist from the Democrat Party” while he snuggles MTG and gets paid by the worst traitor in American history to dismantle democracy through psychological warfare. At least he’s “honored.” 🤪

I first noticed Ivan Raiklin on Christmas Eve 2020 — nearly two weeks before the insurrection — when he was organizing people to go to the 1/6 and said they should bring food and medical bags to “surround the Capitol.”

Here’s a little more Ivan Raiklin tomfoolery with a more important purpose. Gal is curious about what Raiklin knows about the pipe bombs that were placed at RNC and DNC headquarters on January 5th. So she went to his Telegram voice chat to ask him directly. I made the video to show who is who. 🤓

It is extremely revealing. More to come.

Here’s some background on Ivan Raiklin who was briefly candidate for Senate endorsed by Mike Flynn’s bff and partner in stealing the 2016 election through MAGA3X — psychopathic accelerationist billionaire Peter Thiel. #PFT

Here’s Ivan Raiklin at the insurrection with a mask that says “Flynn.”

Raiklin and Flynn are currently targeting the former Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger — who died the day before the last hearing — and are trying to blame 1/6 on him. These are enemy combatants and they need to be recalled, stripped of rank and court-martialed.

Until then, we’re just going to keep coming at them ourselves. 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️


Jim Stewartson