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Joe and Mike Flynn's War on LGBTQ+

Joe calls me a "f****t" while his brother weaponizes monkeypox on QAnon shows

Joe Flynn continues to prove my point every single day. This morning I received this message. In a previous email he called me a “bean pole f****t” so “beanpole” means more than me being thin here.

Joe uses the standard slur about “Drag Queen shows for 3 year olds” to deny the Manhattan Institute is responsible for the “groomers” psyop despite the voluminous evidence to the contrary. Rufo is a Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow.

Rufo is one of the most despicable propagandists on the planet and also came up with the “CRT” panic. Flynn used CRT to run a psyop in Virginia to terrify latently racist white moms into voting for Youngkin. Flynn and his operative Ivan Raiklin bragged about his “victory.”

In the clip above, Mike Flynn blames monkeypox on gay men “because of their own behavior.” Worryingly, Flynn is also musing about “variations” that will affect more of the population.

I have expressed deep concern about the intentional stigma being put on monkeypox, and I am not at all convinced this was a naturally occurring phenomenon that happened to provide exactly the propaganda that was most helpful to Flynn and his boss Vladimir Putin who has targeted LGBTQ+ his entire career. Monkeypox has been a major bioweapons program in Russia for several decades.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Monkeypox-related Propaganda is a Vector for LGBTQ+ Hate
Background I have been concerned about monkeypox from the moment it was clear that there was a sudden unexplained outbreak of a deadly disease in Europe thousands of miles from where the virus usually lives. In the current geopolitical climate, with a…
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More here:

Regardless of the origin of the disease, it is being weaponized against our fellow citizens by people like Joe and Mike Flynn who are white supremacist bigots at their core.

The longer these traitors are walking free, the longer they have to undermine everything that makes us American. In the meantime, be the best ally you can be.



UPDATE: This is how Joe Flynn “defends” himself:

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Jim Stewartson