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Kremlin Psyops in Action

This has Nazis, UFOs, /pol/, MTG, #Bobbski, Trump, Civil War training apps and Luciferians — all in one Twitter length video

I’ve been immersed in right wing and Russian propaganda for two years, but there is a new strain of it that is deeply concerning and is not being properly conveyed or addressed. I feel compelled to at least document how brazen and frightening it is and how the Russians are not only unafraid of attribution but are blatantly taking credit for it now.

The Russians have decided, quite clearly, that they no longer care if their psychological war machine is hidden because the stupid Americans are either blind to it or scared to say anything about it. We — you and I, our military, law enforcement, politicians and press — have been trained not to pay attention.

How do I know? Because it is right in the open. They used to always run their QAnon operations through foreign, usually American proxies, specifically Mike Flynn’s network — but the Russians are just doing “Z” drops now.

This is pure QAnon commingled with wartime Kremlin propaganda.


“a Ukrainian Nazi is intentionaly killing civilians in Donbass” [sic]


This Telegram account has 164k subscribers and is part of a very large Kremlin QAnon network that I have been documenting.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Watch now (53 sec) | As I have mentioned, there is a new breed of QAnon psyops on Telegram and Rumble that are blatantly run by the Kremlin — or people directly controlled by Russian intelligence. There are several in this screenshot: “SpecialQForces,” “ExposeThePEDOSendOfTheCABAL,” and …
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It doesn’t help that Twitter is allowing a huge amount of this dangerous Kremlin propaganda to show up on their platform, as Nazi Russian asset Jack Posobiec proved yesterday.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Live Cam of Twitter Recruiting for Putin
Watch now (2 min) | Jack Posobiec is one of Mike Flynn’s favorite digital soldiers. In fact, when Flynn invented that phrase in November 2016, he referred to Posobiec and MAGA3X as the premier examples of his “irregular warfare” on the US — although he didn’t use Poso’s name…
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Today, the Kremlin machine is in full effect.

First of all, I Iearned that Twitter, in all its infinite #FweeSpeech wisdom has allowed fucking Nazi Putin propagandist Aleksandr Dugin to stay on Twitter. How nice for him. 😑

This is like giving Goebbels a blue check during WWII.

This led me to Telegram to — for reasons that are unimportant but easy to figure out — search “Luciferian.”

The next ten minutes was so… disgusting, I felt compelled to document it. The top search results from my 500 Telegram channels included “4chan /pol/ chat” for neo-nazis and “SpecialQForces,” a large Kremlin QAnon channel.

I ended up learning from Kremlin QAnon that Trump had a rally today. You see it there right above where they were gloating about Russia’s “deNAZIfication of Ukraine.”

This led to Peter Thiel’s Russian Psyop Rumble which was playing Russian propaganda network RSBN‘s coverage of a Michigan Trump rally.

The first person I saw was QAnon chaos agent Marjorie Taylor-Greene doing racism and misogyny. Then Christina Bobb #Bobbski showed up — despite the fact that she is in deep shit for lying to the FBI about classified documents and is supposed to be cooperating. 🤔

There was also a big push for people to do home weapons training.

This all happened in something like ten minutes which I compressed to Twitter length and made downloadable. Share liberally and with my gratitude.


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Jim Stewartson