Lara Logan is an Erik Prince Op

She has been working for him for over 15 years. Compare her 60 Minutes interview in 2007 with Keith Olbermann’s coverage.

Feel free to download and share this video. I think it’s important that people see the truth about both Lara Logan and Erik Prince. In this 2007 60 Minutes interview, she was still (barely) undercover as his operative.

Recently Lara Logan has effectively outed herself as a propagandist and cult member and I was inspired to make this video after Mike Flynn decided to promote a cult rally where $50 gets you Lara Logan spewing Big Lie propaganda — and a boxed lunch.

Erik Prince is a Knight of Malta, an extremist Catholic Order that believes they are still literally still fighting the Crusades against Islam — 950 years later. More to come…

Jim Stewartson