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Live Cam of Twitter Recruiting for Putin

Twitter has allowed Posobiec to recruit for the fifth column for more than six fucking years

Jack Posobiec is one of Mike Flynn’s favorite digital soldiers. In fact, when Flynn invented that phrase in November 2016, he referred to Posobiec and MAGA3X as the premier examples of his “irregular warfare” on the US — although he didn’t use Poso’s name.

Posobiec is an actual goose-stepping Nazi who used to pepper his tweets with “14 88” which is a reference to the “14 words” — a white supremacist slogan created by a Nazi terrorist. “88” means “Heil Hitler.”

Posobiec is also a blatant Russian asset. Here he is reading genocidal Nazi Aleksandr Dugin’s book which is required reading for Russian military intelligence.

That was a few months before “Q” was started by “two friends” of Posobiec, Justin McConney aka “Microchip,” and James Brower who worked for Flynn’s psyop MAGA3X.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
The first “Q” was James Brower and Microchip working for #MAGA3X, Flynn (and the Russians)
Jack Posobiec said “QAnon was started by two friends of mine.” While Posobiec often lies, this time he’s not — he’s referring to his friends James Brower and “Microchip.” I’ll get into Microchip more in a separate post, but for now think of him as the worst troll on the internet, both in terms of message and ability. He’s behind some of the most brutal …
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Here are Poso and his criminal co-conspirator Steve Bannon, lamenting the death of Dugin’s daughter, and saying this will “ignite a powder keg.”

Poso has been Mike Flynn’s GRU-trained Nazi “digital soldier” for over six years.

Now today, as Putin accuses “the West” of “Satanism and threatens nuclear war, Jack Posobiec is using Putin’s words to recruit people into the fifth column on the verge of toppling democracy. This is just a random sampling. There are thousands of these comments.

This should not be allowed in America. This is active warfare by enemies of democracy.

Jack Posobiec should not be protected by Twitter, he should be in fucking prison.


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Jim Stewartson