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Mike Flynn: Happy Easter from Putin Spokesman Archbishop Carlo Viganó

This is about a raw as Russian propaganda gets

Feel free to download and share this video.

It is important that everyone see clearly that Mike Flynn is an agent of the Russian government psychologically trapping millions of people into a fifth column wielded against the foundations of global liberal democracy.

I have watched a lot of video of Putin propagandists. I’m not sure I’ve seen it quite so pure outside of Dmitri Peskov, Sergey Kislyak or Putin himself.

Mike Flynn introduces Archbishop Carlo Vigano, formerly the top Catholic in the United States. Vigano’s speech, which he appears to be reading for the first time on behalf of Mike Flynn, is Putin’s unadulterated agenda laid out very clearly.

Mike Flynn says he met Vigano right before the 2020 election, which matches up with “Q” suddenly taking an interest in Vigano as well.

Here is Mike Flynn promoting a letter from Carlo Vigano on October 30th, 2020.

Here is “Q” promoting the same letter an hour later.

Mike Flynn is Q. #ArrestMikeFlynn

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Jim Stewartson