Mike Flynn Jr.’s Hurricane Thots

Can this chud tie his shoes?

I’ve been pretty busy today and have only had time to brush back a few trolls, but I saw this on Telegram and JFC. Mike Flynn Jr. seems to be saying the hurricane is a hoax. I sped it up about 5x and added a new soundtrack because there is no reason to sit through 2:20 of Metallica and propaganda.

ICYMI, Mike Flynn Jr. has been running ops for his dad for many years, including being “Chief of Staff” for Flynn Intel Group which was paid by Turkey and Russia to run psyops on Americans, and playing a major role in MAGA3X, including Pizzagate and QAnon.

It’s funny that Jr. is a hurricane-denier when his Uncle Joe says it’s “getting real.”

Maybe you guys should check with General Misha and get your story straight? Was Ian a hoax by the commie Democrats? Or what?

Here’s the Vimeo.


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Jim Stewartson