Mike Flynn: QAnon “is a damn good psyop”

Flynn doth protest way too much. This is everything you need to know about him. 🚨

After two-and-a-half years of chasing down Mike Flynn and QAnon, he finally admitted what I have been saying the entire time. QAnon “is a damn good psyop.”

This was my pinned thread for a year before I was banned. Jan 14, 2021:

QAnon is a psyop — a psychological operation. It always was. And it was always Mike Flynn running the show. Mike Flynn is Q, which is why he is so pissed off in the clip above. He wants people to forget it because he knows it’s his Achilles Heel.

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Here is Flynn’s colleague stating clearly that it’s a psyop and that Flynn should be recalled and court-martialed.

Once everyone finally understands that Mike Flynn created the psyop that has infected 30%+ of Americans, maybe the Justice Department and military will take the threat he poses more seriously. He doesn’t want that. That’s why he is so frantic in the clip, because he knows he’s been caught.

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Perhaps even more telling is the flat out racist, queerphobic, pro-Putin rant that goes along with it. Flynn also hilariously attacks Ron Filipowski. This is happening on Putin-aligned Falun Gong propaganda network Epoch Times.

What you’re seeing here is a desperate, angry man starting to make desperate, angry mistakes. I hope he continues this trend.


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Jim Stewartson