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Mike Flynn: Rule of Law, Shmule of Law

General Misha is flipping out 😬

On Russian propaganda show “The Absolute Truth” with Mindy Robinson — which airs on criminal seditionist billionaire MyFascist(tm) Mike Lindell’s “network” — Mike Flynn is letting it all hang out. Flynn says unless the DOJ releases the affidavit used to obtain the search warrant for Trump’s beach motel:

“The citizens of this country will continue to not trust the entire Rule of Law institutions in our country.”

Flynn wants his cult to not trust the rule of law. [deep breath]

Then Flynn slips up and makes it clear what he wants and what he doesn’t.

“I firmly believe they are moving in a direction in which they’re going to indict a former president and someone who could potentially be the next president.”[emphasis added]

When Trump was the convenient puppet to lead his cult, Mike Flynn never wavered about Trump being the president right now, not to mention being the president in 2024. Saying Trump could “potentially” be the “next president” is the equivalent of “Bye Felicia” in this alternate reality.

Regardless, Flynn, Putin and their allies are not going to allow Trump to run in 2024. He’s too chaotic, too dumb and too old. They want DeSantis.

So, at the moment, Flynn is fighting a complex three-front war:

  1. He needs to keep Trump as a martyr and a cult leader while he strips Trump of political power and raises up DeSantis

  2. He needs to set up the theft of the mid-term elections so the GOP can destroy the legislative branch and make sure we never have a peaceful transition of power in 2024

  3. He needs to protect himself from mainstream attention and criminal prosecution for long enough to push America to the tipping point

Yes, indicting Trump is good and necessary, but unless we really get to the root of this ongoing national security emergency, we will continue to slide into oblivion. This is the most dangerous insurgency since the Confederacy.


Here’s the Vimeo:

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Jim Stewartson