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Mike, I Have Plenty To Do

Time to come clean, dude

After five years of lying about QAnon, and more than two years of lying about me in the press, to the press, to my friends and thousands of times on Twitter, Mike Rothschild sent up this whiny tweet to try and minimize the reasons he gets so much attention from me and Mr. Jarvis.

It’s not even the attacks on me. I don’t care about that. But if Mike thinks I’m going to be silent while he continues to get amplified by the feckless press as an “expert” despite his flawless record of being wrong, his constant coordinated harassment against my friends, and his relationships with cult leaders and chaos agents like Fred Brennan, Lucien Greaves and Doug Stewart, he hasn’t figured me out yet.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
How Mainstream Media Cooperates with White Nationalists by Platforming Liars Like Mike Rothschild and Fred Brennan [UPDATED]
UPDATE: Mike Flynn’s brother has jumped in to defend his friends Doug Stewart, Mike Rothschild and Fred Brennan: For two years, as an independent American citizen exercising my rights, and frankly my duty, I have been doing everything in my power to understand and expose the psychological war being waged on American citizens…
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Mike, listen. I have a plan. Write a tell-all book about yourself and how you’ve been playing a part for five years. Be a hero. It’s a better LARP than the one you’re stuck with now. Tell everyone why you suddenly became self-employed right before QAnon started. It’ll be a riot.

BTW, if anyone wants to download this and reply to Mike’s tweet, that is certainly your right as an American.


Trolls and Miscreants
An examination of the goals, strategies and tactics of malicious online actors
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