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Mike Rothschild Lies to Congress — Annotated

A sad commentary on… everything

Mike Rothschild is a liar, a troll and an op.

Somehow, through his network of bad actors embedded in the media, Rothschild got five minutes to bullshit his way through an actual Congressional hearing today.

The numerous failures of the system that allowed this disinformation agent to speak to Congress are alarming. Rothschild has contributed nothing, researched nothing and spends his time trying to shut other people up, all while anointing himself and his trolling colleagues on Twitter as “Q experts.” His book is conspiracy trash that intentionally makes it seem like QAnon is impossible to figure out.

In fact, he’s part of a dirtbag leftist cult dredged up from famously russophilic trolls from Chapo Traphouse combined with GamerGate, a misogynistic cult led by Mike Rothschild’s partner, sociopathic nazi-sympathizer Fred Brennan. Their job is gatekeep the narrative to make sure it never gets to the truth about QAnon. #RealBlueAnon

Rothschild helped engineer my ban from Twitter because I was exposing the truth while he was trying to sell his book and sourcing hit pieces on me and my volunteer group.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
American Mindf*ck: The Thinkin Project
Backstory Just before New Years 2020, a week before 1/6, I had made so many friends on Twitter that I wanted to organize. So I started a volunteer group called “The Thinkin Project” (an obvious nod to Lincoln Project but no actual relationship at all.) Within a week or so we had 500 people on my Discord server and it was getting too big so I capped the g…
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Mike Rothschild should not be speaking in front of his Condo Board much less Congress. He’s a harmful, sociopathic troll who cares about no one but himself and the people he carries water for.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
The Desperation of Mike Rothschild
h/t Mr. Jarvis I have been trying to ignore the trolls and focus on the work, but I will not let this go unanswered. Mike Rothschild has been running interference for QAnon and the people responsible for it for four years. He started attacking me in September 2020 and has not stopped trying to discredit and destroy my life ever since…
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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
“Q Expert” Covers for Russia while Putin Commits Atrocities
“Q expert” Mike Rothschild twists himself in knots on a daily basis to justify his four year long disinformation campaign that QAnon is just a random LARP that went wrong — and that the Russians and Mike Flynn have nothing to do with it. #RealBlueAnon…
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