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Neo-Nazi German Psyops Girl — Vicky Richter

Ex-German military psychological operations specialist wears Trad clothes to brainwash Americans on Flynn’s psyops tour

I’ve watched hundreds and hundreds of hours of propagandists on Mike Flynn’s QAnon psyops tour. This new entrant is really quite blatant and disturbing.

Vicky Richter spent 8 years in a German military psyops unit. Until Sept 2016.

Then she pops up in Sarasota, FL — where Mike Flynn lives — as a “war journalist” four years later. Nothing in between. 🤨

However, one of her two “interests” is this company.

This one doesn’t sell coffee.

Vicky Richter, psyops specialist, has spent the last two years generating deeply harmful propaganda about fake child trafficking conspiracies to support QAnon narratives.

Like Mike Flynn, Vicky Richter, German psyops specialist, really wants you believe that America is not a democracy, and sets up the false choice that it’s a constitutional republic instead. Note that Vicky Richter calls herself “the red sparrow” which is pretty funny tbh.

In this tweet from four days ago she spread “Pedogate” lies about Joe Biden.

Here Ron DeSantis calls on The Red Sparrow at a hurricane relief press conference and knows to promote her in the process. Wonder why? h/t OSINT Ninja Gal Suburban

Here’s Vicky Richter’s website where she does an “interview” with an insurrectionist and paints an upside down world of 1/6 where “government officials” were “taking selfies, hugging the protestors, and giving them high-fives” and blames “Antifa.”

Finally, Vicky Richter is dressed up like this, not because of her “German heritage” but because she is signaling to “traditionalists” who want to bring the world back to before the Victorian era. This is a “tradwife” outfit.

Why is it ok for Vicky Richter, neo-Nazi German military psyops specialist and clearly a trained propagandist working for Mike Flynn, to run around brainwashing American citizens into genocidal ideology right before the elections?

I’m entirely sick of this shit.


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