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Nervous Mike Flynn: “I will guarantee… there may be another distraction… against us, actually”

Flynn also appears to have lost Jason Sullivan 🤔

A disturbance in the underbelly of Mike Flynn’s treason network has arisen. I think some of his former allies are realizing who Mike Flynn really is and what he’s facing, and are trying to make a last minute ditch out before the car flies off the cliff with them inside.

First of all, his speech today at his traveling psyops tour named after a book by nazbol Alexander Dugin was manic, emotional and at times fatalistic. In this clip he warns that no one should trust the media and says:

“There may be another distraction directed against us, actually.”

He follows it up with a mumbled “the American people” which is a rhetorical trick he uses all the time. He constantly tells people that an attack on him IS an attack on the American people.

Sorry Mike. No. When they indict you, they are not indicting everyone else. Just you. And the rest of your family, probably.

In short, Flynn seems nervous. Good.


In other possibly related news, Flynn’s former ally Jason Sullivan is calling Flynn out as someone who is not loyal to Donald Trump and heavily insinuating that Flynn is “Q” — which is true of course. “Oz” has been Jason’s QAnon LARP since 2019. Now he’s trying to blow “Q” up with Flynn inside. 🤔

The list of people that Jason Sullivan says should be trusted is fascinating. Not listed as trusted: Mike Flynn or Roger Stone.

Jason says to “Trust ECW” — meaning Ezra Cohen-Watnick — which is interesting. Either Cohen has split from Flynn, or Cohen is still cuddling up to Jason Sullivan for his own reasons.

The connective tissue between this list of characters is Israel. Sullivan is a Zionist. Pompeo and Barr are christofascist dominionists obsessed with occupying Israel for Jesus and ECW has deep ties there as well. Cohen was recently put in charge of sales to Israel by Oracle.

[EDIT: Scarecrow in the comments points out this list might actually be Jason Sullivan making fun of the list of people that “Q” said to trust rather than saying to trust them. This is actually a better read. Regardless, Mike Flynn is the guy Sullivan is targeting here.]

So after Jason/Oz’s usual blustery bullshit, he comes out with his big reveal, which is that Flynn and Stanley McChrystal have been bffs for along time. Various googleable “receipts” are provided including the fact that Flynn Intel Group was started in McChrystal’s kitchen.

What this looks like to me is that Jason Sullivan and some of the people deeply involved with Mike Flynn’s plot to destroy democracy, are trying to wriggle out and are willing to drop the dime on other people to do it.

Like Mike Flynn.

But this is all horseshit. Jason is just trying to hitch his wagon to the least dead horse he can find. Apparently that’s Donald Trump. 😬

Remember this Jason? Sorry bud, you’re not getting out of this.

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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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