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Orbiting Flynn: The Boss Monster Hiding in Plain Sight

Mike Flynn is Putin’s General in charge of destroying America. Everyone is so close to getting it.

I know it’s a tough pill to swallow:

A formerly respected, retired three-star general in the Army, head of the DIA under Obama, and National Security Advisor under Trump has been conspiring with Putin in the project to destroy America through psychological operations and domestic violent extremists — for more than six years.

He stole the 2016 election, created Pizzagate and QAnon, and planned the insurrection on January 6th after successfully pitching it to Trump in the White House on December 18th, 2020.

Ever since, he has continued to build a dangerous, violent fifth column of white nationalists and cult members while he plans the next attempted coup of the government of the United States in order to create a global theocratic white ethnostate with Vladimir Putin based on “Eurasianism” — a genocidal plan for a new Russian empire by ultra-fascist Alexander Dugin.

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Mostly Unconnected Dots

In the seventh January 6th Committee hearing yesterday, 7/12/22, there was a lot of important testimony. Many “dots” were shown but the “connecting” between them left something to be desired. I am here to help!

Here are some dots from the committee:

  • Mike Flynn

  • Roger Stone

  • Ali Alexander

  • Alex Jones

  • Sidney Powell

    • “13848”

  • Oathkeepers / Stewart Rhodes

  • Proud Boys / Enrique Tarrio

  • Jim Watkins

  • 4chan

  • 8kun — “birthplace of QAnon”

Here are some images and videos relevant to the real story of what was shown at the hearing. I walk through these one by one in the video.

Flynn’s Connections

Raskin: Flynn is connected to Stone, PB and OK.

Roger Stone

Stewart Rhodes

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
The son of Oathkeepers head Stewart Rhodes identifies Mike Flynn and Erik Prince as leaders of 1/6
Here’s a clip. UPDATED…
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Flynn and Rhodes

Flynn and Tarrio

Mike Jr. and Proud Boy Joe Biggs

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MAGA3X / Q — Mike Flynn Jr.
Work in progress. Wow. Election Day 2016 tweets. Pretty clear what Mike Flynn Jr. was up to. Also, Mike Flynn Jr. was Mike Flynn Sr.’s “Chief of Staff.” Here are two other people who worked for MAGA3X — the first two people to write Q drops, James Brower and Microchip…
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Erik Prince on Tucker

Mike Flynn on Tucker

Sidney Powell — Mike Flynn’s Lawyer

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
The Insurrection Was Plan B: Part II
This is a multi-part series on a secret plan to execute a bloodless coup against the U.S. Government — using the government itself. This work is based on the research of @gal_suburban and associates. Part I: The Insurrection Was Plan B Part III: CrUSAIDs…
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Alex Jones

Jim Watkins

Clay Clark on Jim Watkins =

Clay Clark

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Flynn’s “Great Awakening” QAnon Psyops Tour
Watch now (43 min) | I listened to the entire two days of Mike Flynn’s traveling radicalization circus, “ReAwaken America Tour” in Virginia Beach this weekend. I’ve covered dozens of these events on Twitter in the last two years but they have gotten progressively more dangerous…
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Poso / MAGA3X / Flynn / Q

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
The first “Q” was James Brower and Microchip working for #MAGA3X, Flynn (and the Russians)
Jack Posobiec said “QAnon was started by two friends of mine.” While Posobiec often lies, this time he’s not — he’s referring to his friends James Brower and “Microchip.” I’ll get into Microchip more in a separate post, but for now think of him as the worst troll on the internet, both in terms of message and ability. He’s behind some of the most brutal …
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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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