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Peter Thiel’s Russian Psyop Rumble Goes Public

This website is incredibly dangerous 🚨

I monitor Rumble almost as much as Telegram these days because it has emerged as one of the largest and most harmful Russian propaganda distribution hubs on the planet.

Rumble was a small, relatively obscure little video site that mostly delivered anodyne pet videos. Here was the “Editor’s Picks” in March 2017:

Here they were in 2020:

Then in early 2021, psychopathic accelerationist billionaire Peter Thiel invested in Rumble — along with neo-fascist android J.D. “Hillbilly” Vance.

And here are the “Editor’s Picks” right now. Discerning readers may notice a slight change 🙄:

  • Mike Flynn funder and insurrection planner Mike Lindell.

  • QAnon channel “Edge of Wonder.”

  • Anti-vax propaganda with compromised shithead Dr. Drew

  • The Dershow with Trump’s favorite lawyer Alan “Kept my undies on” Dershowitz

  • Men’s rights activist and abusive monster Andrew Tate

  • “Revenge of the Cis” which is devoted to making fun of LGBTQ+ people

  • Catturd — Oh look they still have pet videos! 😂

Regardless, the despicable Canadian asshat who runs Rumble, Chris Pavloski, is super proud of his “achievement” of enriching himself by transforming his cat video website into a trap for Russian psychological warfare using Peter Thiel’s blood money.

Here’s your golf clap, Chris. 🖕

Anyway, the video above is a primal scream at the idiot who runs Cantor Fitzgerald, which is the brokerage that is going to take Rumble public, Howard Lutnick. Turns out Howard is a big fan of Russell Brand, which pretty much explains everything I guess.

Seriously, Howard, providing billions of dollars to this insane psyop — that is literally only in existence to brainwash people into neo-fascist ideology — is a thing that should never happen in a functioning democracy. But you don’t care do you, Howard? You’re only in it for the blood money.

Fuck all of these people. And Rumble. Into the Sun. ☀️


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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