PSA: This is Your Face on MAGA. Any Questions?

MAGA is bad for you

Rooting around in Telegram today, it struck me that many of the people who have intentionally participated in the Putin-backed fascist insurgency we’re dealing with are… unhealthy.

I’m not body-shaming anyone. I don’t give a shit what anyone looks like, but being on the edge of your seat wondering when the indictment is coming is clearly stressful to a person.

I don’t know what’s going on here but I’m concerned for seditionist Satanic pedophile Jim Watkins who owns Fred Brennan’s GamerGate / QAnon website 8chan. Jim appears to have grown truck nuts.

Also in the video are appearances by near-death pioneer Steve Bannon, Flynn’s likely pipe-bomber Ivan Raiklin, Flynn’s Russian moneybags Patrick Byrne, and Ashli Babbitt who epitomizes the fact that MAGA is bad for you.

#PSA #MAGAIsBadForYou #ArrestMikeFlynn

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Jim Stewartson