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Putin’s MASSIVE American Telegram Cult

Why the fuck won’t the press even mention this?

Here’s an audio rant to go with the above. I am very frustrated and decided to experiment with Substack’s audio thing to express myself. 😉


Seriously though, I am so fucking tired of practically everyone ignoring the fact that the takeover of the GOP, QAnon, the neo-nazis… ALL OF IT is the successful result of psychological warfare operations conducted by Putin and his posse of American traitors. I’m not sure the J6 Committee said the word Russia a single time. WTF?

Why else would this entire cult not only be self-destructive, anti-democratic, fascist Trump worshippers but ALSO super down with Russia?


Is it seriously just a coincidence that “Q” aka Mike Flynn is one of the most stone cold obvious traitors in history? AND that Mike Flynn has been a PSYOP practitioner for 30 years?

Hint: No it fucking isn’t.

This Disinformation Hell we’re experiencing is the successful result of decades of active measures. While this influence has been around for a long time, six years of Flynn’s psyops in particular are adding up. And, frighteningly, now that Putin is backed into a corner, the signals are all going out in the open.

Literal Nazi Jack Posobiec is inciting his pro-Putin, neo-nazi cult and recruiting more to it right on Twitter. Where’s the outrage that a huge part of the country is rooting for our existential enemy? Why is this ok in America?

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Live Cam of Twitter Recruiting for Putin
Watch now (2 min) | Jack Posobiec is one of Mike Flynn’s favorite digital soldiers. In fact, when Flynn invented that phrase in November 2016, he referred to Posobiec and MAGA3X as the premier examples of his “irregular warfare” on the US — although he didn’t use Poso’s name…
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This is not hard to stop IF we: 1) have the guts to actually recognize this at all, and 2) decide it’s a national security risk worth addressing.

There are tens of millions of people cheering on Putin in the open. But it’s fucking crickets out there in the press.

Do none of these reporters have Telegram?

Or do they just wait for super-friendly influence ops to sidle up to them and feed them bullshit so they don’t have to do any work themselves? Hint: ☑️

Here’s the video showing a search of 500 Telegram channels for “Putin” on Vimeo.


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Jim Stewartson