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QAnon Propagandist Mike Rothschild Blatantly Lies to NPR

He is on a QAnon promo tour

Mike Rothschild’s job is to promote QAnon to normies while he covers up for Mike Flynn and the Russians.

This interview is a catastrophe for WHYY and NPR. They gave a QAnon propagandist an hour to lie to their listeners and try to attract them to the cult.

What he does in this interview is nothing short of criminal. He’s on public airwaves intentionally trying to cover up for the operation that is poised to cause mass violence in the midterms while he promotes QAnon as an “exciting techno-thriller” and says Alex Jones stopped promoting QAnon because it was “cooler.”

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
We Are Being Groomed for Genocide
On 1/6, had the insurrectionists reached Mike Pence or any other targeted politicians, the rioters were planning to hang them from the noose that had been set up on the grounds of the Capitol. Many people in the crowd would have helped and cheered along…
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Rothschild also promotes his completely manufactured story that a South African schizophrenic named Paul Furber — who ran a character on 8chan called “BigDickAnon” — was the original Q and then it was taken over by #BehattedFuckwit Ron Watkins. And he dismisses the idea that Russia has anything to do with QAnon or that it was a “Trump psychological operation.”

Here’s a General who disagrees with Mike Rothschild.

Paul Furber still believes the original Q was real. He is a sick, neo-nazi troll and got kicked out of the Q board because he was too brainwashed to play along. He wrote no Q drops. Ever. The first Q was James Brower and Justin McConney working for MAGA3X not this idiot.

Mike Rothschild not only knows this cockamamie theory about Furber isn’t true, he conspired with his partners misogynistic GamerGate cult leader Fredrick Brennan who built 8chan and white nationalist chaos agent Douglas Matthew Stewart to create this false narrative with the specific intention of misleading America. They even managed to get it into the increasingly feckless New York Times.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
DEBUNK: New York Times
The New York Times printed this article that strongly suggests that Paul Furber and Ron Watkins were the people who wrote the “Q” LARP. That is simply not true. That idea is intentionally planted disinformation. I debunked it on my podcast below…
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Mike Rothschild profits from his lies through book sales and “consulting fees” while he perjures himself to Congress and in legal filings.

This is not a “disagreement” or a “Twitter fight.”

This is a cryptofascist chaos agent being paid to distract America and cover up for genocidal criminals. And to attack and silence those who tell the truth.

NPR, not to mention Mike Rothschild, should be ashamed of themselves.


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Jim Stewartson