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Right on Cue: Flynn Goes on QAnon Show to Push for War with China

As I was saying

Immediately after I published this piece about the danger of having Charlie Flynn as the Commanding General of US Army Pacific because he would be responsible for our response in a conflict with China, I checked QAnon Telegram.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Charlie Flynn: The Ticking Time Bomb Commanding 90,000 American Troops
Raised by abusive, christofascist parents according to their own accounts, the nine Flynn children are a tightly knit bunch. But there were two “stars” that eclipsed the rest, Mike and Charlie — both promoted to General. A rare feat in one family. Helen was so proud…
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On “X22 Report” I found an interview from today with Mike Flynn and the guy who organizes Flynn’s traveling QAnon psyops tour, Clay Clark.

X22 Report is run by two Daves, one of whom, Dave Hayes, is also known as “Praying Medic” and wrote a ton of “Q drops.” Dave Hayes runs his entire operation on Steve Bannon’s website infrastructure. There’s Dave right above another Q drop author, Mike Flynn employee, Russian propagandist Tracy Diaz from my working chart of “Q” in November 2020.

In the interview with the other Dave aka X22, the first question is about Nancy Pelosi‘s trip to Taiwan in which Mike Flynn expresses his opinion that by itself the trip could lead to war with China. In sum, Mike Flynn is very angry that American politicians are siding with the democratic nation of Taiwan in the existential threat it faces from China.

Flynn wants China to attack Taiwan so his brother can respond with 90,000 American men and women under his command. Signs of strength and stability in the region are counterproductive to Mike Flynn.

Flynn also says that he doesn’t believe “the American government” can win against China but “the American people can.” What the fuck does that mean, Mike?

#ArrestMikeFlynn #ArrestAllFlynns

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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Jim Stewartson