Secretary Austin: Stop Hiding From Your Flynn Problem

Mike Flynn was running offense, while Charles was sabotaging the defense of the Capitol

At a certain point, the complicity of the military in covering up for itself becomes more than the proverbial slow-grinding of justice or even incompetence. It becomes, in itself, a danger to democracy and a potential crime.

With the latest video released by the January 6th Committee, the blatant cooperation of the Pentagon with the plan to overthrow the government, becomes even more stark.

As my partner Gal Suburban and I wrote months ago, Chris Miller knew. From the moment the decision was made on the night of 12/18/20 to attack the Capitol, Chris Miller started preparing to help.

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But a key reason the plan got so close to succeeding was that Charles Flynn was given his fourth star on the same day that his brother Mike Flynn was pardoned for lying to the FBI about the Russians. Charles was given the job of Deputy Secretary of the Army which meant he was in a position to delay the deployment of the National Guard on 1/6 — which he did. For hours.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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The answers Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer were getting were designed to stall and delay and switch blame to others while the mob got closer and closer to them. In short, the people talking to Nancy Pelosi at the Pentagon wanted her dead.

Chris Miller, Ryan McCarthy, Charles Flynn, Kash Patel, Ezra Cohen-Watnick and anyone else at the Pentagon who created the situation where an octogenarian badass has to protect herself and her colleagues from a murderous mob need to be arrested, put on trial and imprisoned. For both Attempted Murder and Treason.

Secretary Austin, step up. We’re counting on you. Listen to General Eaton.


Jim Stewartson