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Matt and Doug make big plans for pooping on my Substack

Two of the most legitimately scary people I have run across in the last two years are actual psychopaths, Douglas Matthew Stewart and Matt Donovan. As best I can tell, Doug is currently Matt’s employer. Matt is has been using his time to obsessively “like” my posts and comments with obscene poop pics — for weeks and weeks.


Internet terrorist Doug Stewart is connected to Steve Bannon, Erik Prince, Peter Thiel and an astonishing array of anarchists, white nationalists and sadistic criminals. His specialty is running multiple psyops and then having them go to war with each other.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Engineering Chaos: QAnon vs. “BlueAnon”
This is an opinion piece based on my personal experience and over a year of investigation. Inevitably there will be unintentional errors which I will be glad to correct if notified. Email: stewartson @ protonmail . com Introducing Chaos Agent Doug Stewart…
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He was involved in the majority of these. No, seriously, more than half.

I am currently his main target down in the lower right.

When his team got me kicked off Twitter, I was pissed and started naming names on Substack and Doug came out briefly to personally threaten me because I was threatening his ops.

Doug gave me a “deadline” in February of “24 hours” to take down an article, and when I didn’t, he wrote, by text and email:

“Time’s up ret*rd”

Matt Donovan is also a special fellow. A psychopath who can mimic emotion but has no feelings other than self-loathing and sadism. He can run dozens of simultaneous sock puppets, but he can’t get anyone to love him. 😭

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Matthew Donovan aka @StickInMyMind: Regarding Your Threat
Readers, feel free to skip this one if you don’t know this guy. It requires some context and mostly I just want to make clear to chaos agent Matt Donovan and his criminal cohorts that they have fucked with the wrong person. However, if you enjoy seeing me spank bad actors, you are more than welcome to follow along…
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He befriended me on Twitter briefly almost two years ago when I started my volunteer group, which he helped destroy. Now he puts poop pics on my Substack by making accounts with obscene pictures and “liking” stuff.

By the speed he reacts to everything I post, it appears to be the only thing he does all day. It is one of the most embarassing spectacles I’ve ever seen from a grown man. It’s ineffective, proves my point, adds likes to my articles and provides no feedback beyond an occasional post to laugh my ass off at him.

Which led me to wonder what’s going on here. Why is Matt in a loop? Why is he stuck with this bad idea? #PoopLoop

Well, through extremely secretive and nefarious means (the hilarious iOS app Talkr), I procured this totally real and not fake video of Doug and Matt having their regular meeting about trolling me. I have no idea why the music from Goodfellas happens to be in there. 😂

In all seriousness, from what I hear, Doug has had some recent Federal door-knock activity which may explain why Matt has entered an infinite loop. If Doug has been taken into custody, or is being prevented from continuing his suicide trolling, who knows how long Matt may be stuck. What if Doug goes away for life? Can Matt escape the #PoopLoop on his own? We shall see… in the #TwilightZone

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