Smoking Gun: Mike Flynn Lays Out His Military Plan to Overthrow the Government

A few days after his pardon, the worst traitor in history discusses “The Road to War”

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Mike Flynn went on QAnon show “BardsFM” on December 1st, 2020 to lay out his military plan and objectives to overthrow the government of the United States and keep a Putin puppet in power.

After running psyops on America for six years, Mike Flynn said this a month before the insurrection.

it is preparation of sort of the informational domain of the battlefield you are about to enter physically

This is precisely what Mike Flynn has been doing on behalf of Vladimir Putin. He has been waging “informational war” on our citizens. As Mike Flynn says, this is a preview for a “battlefield you are about to enter physically.”

Flynn is laying out WWIII.

Here is the full transcript.

Bards: Sir, one of the biggest challenges we face across the nation is establishing truth. Our media, you referred to back I believe in 2018, your reference was that they did a disservice. Where we are right now as a media that has completely turned and is trying to dictate an election outside of a legal process. Where do we go here and where does that Digital Army fit in as well?

Flynn: Good question. And this to me is an example, so the Digital Soldiers, that I speak about sometimes. We're in a new era where you have physical and you have informational and so before you go physical, you prepare the environment. And I'm now talking sort of philosophically and theoretically about warfare I guess. Many of the training events that I've been through and certainly in the real wars I've been involved in, we have something called 'A Road to War', and anybody who's listening who's done any training exercising they always start to prepare, you go into a week long or month long training exercise, but prior - they used to start feeding you information. And we used to call it 'The Road to War'. The 'Road to War' would be a series of things that happened and most of those series of things that happen, and there might be some physical things that happen, you know a bomb goes off in a building or somebody gets assassinated, but a lot of it is informational stuff, a lot of it is preparation of sort of the informational domain of the battlefield you are about to enter physically. So I think that's its really important that people understand that the level of deception the level of misinformation the level of sort of look here - when I'm actually over here - but I'm going to give you enough to look here but capture your attention. A head fake. So indirect. And in the informational domain, in informational warfare is clearly initially an indirect approach and then all of a sudden you have the direct approach that begins to bombard so they decide they have ceded the battlefield informationally with enough of what they want the message to be, and then they bombard with repetition of the message and every single mainstream medium, social media, facebook, twitter, all the names they start to repeat constantly.

More to come from this interview. But the January 6th Committee needs to understand that the plan to overthrow democracy was not generated by Donald Trump. It was created by the worst traitor in American history — who did it once in 2016, tried in 2020, and is trying to do it all over again.

MERRICK GARLAND and LLOYD AUSTIN this is on you. Put a stop to General Misha’s plan. It’s in your power. Hurry up.


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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