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The Kremlin QAnon network that has no fucks at all

As I have mentioned, there is a new breed of QAnon psyops on Telegram and Rumble that are blatantly run by the Kremlin — or people directly controlled by Russian intelligence. There are several in this screenshot: “SpecialQForces,” “ExposeThePEDOSendOfTheCABAL,” and “ULTRA NUCLEAR MAGA FORCE Q [etc]”.


Here are some other accounts in the network. There are many more.

All of the big propaganda channels have open chats as well. This one has 57k members with nearly 5k online. Again, this is literally run by the Russians.

All of these deeply harmful QAnon accounts are clearly run non-english speakers, and most of them are militantly pro-Putin.

The size of the full network is hard to quantify with overlap between accounts but its subscriber base is certainly in the millions with a far, far greater influence through reposting throughout the broader QAnon/white nationalist Telegram network.

ULTRA NUCLEAR MAGA FORCE Q has nearly a quarter of a million subscribers who are being fed a dangerous combination of coercive propaganda designed, in part, to brainwash people into some sort of disaster suicide cult. I wish I were making that up. This account celebrates anything that could potentially end in mass death.

But “SpecialQForces” is so blatantly run by Russian military intelligence, it’s hard to fathom that it has over 100k subscribers on that one account alone. And as we see above, the accounts mix and match constantly. There are no true boundaries between them. #SpecialQ

Here is a post today to its 109k subscribers combining the Russian flag and the QAnon slogan that Mike Flynn gave in his backyard on the Fourth of July, 2020 — “Where We Go One We Go All” (WWG1WGA)



Although primarily functioning through Russian-owned Telegram, I ran into this SpecialQ video on Peter Thiel’s anarchist Russian propaganda network Rumble that just went public yesterday. I didn’t realize SpecialQ has a Rumble channel but of course it does.


The video does not, in fact, show white hats in control, it shows Vladimir Putin getting Donald Trump to sing his praises on command. It shows a genocidal dictator taking a victory lap around the four years of trauma and corruption his orange puppet wrought. Trump would think this shows Putin’s admiration. I disagree entirely.

Not only is Putin taking credit for Trump, he’s laughing at us about Q. He’s shoving it in our face. It was always Russian propaganda repackaged by Mike Flynn.

TBH, this is pretty funny tho. 😂


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