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The Flynns are LARPing Hard

Bannon is running a Flynn family alternate reality game on his show today

I watched and recorded Steve Bannon’s show this morning because yesterday some guy announced that Mike Flynn and “MAGA” had “taken over” Sarasota County and there would be an “event” today.

Well, I guess you could call it an event, but it’s really a giant LARP — live action role play — which means they are all playing characters that have no connection to the reality the rest of us live in.

I edited the first couple hours into two minutes and added some … commentary to the video. And as a reminder of who these people really are, I included some of Joe Flynn’s homophobic, psychotic emails to me over the last month and half.

Fredo is describing a plan to attack election operations in “9 key states” which he calls “Operation Eagles Wings.” Noted.

Here’s the video on downloadable Vimeo:

#ArrestAllFlynns #ArrestMikeFlynn

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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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