The Plan for a New Confederacy

“Ten good states that are rockin’ it can change this country pretty quick”

Mike Flynn and his allies are trying to create a new confederacy in the United States.

“Every state could be self-sufficient… Then we have a team of say ten governors… Each state could then start the next revolution… We don’t need DC’s dirty money.”

At the same time, Vladimir Putin is offering to consider “US States that want to join Russia.” This may seem like a joke or a fantasy, but it is not. Put QAnon cult leader Kari Lake in charge of Arizona and see what happens.

This is sedition. Treason. Enemy warfare against the United States and her citizens.

Flynn is following the playbook of “4th Generation Warfare” invented by “paleoconservative” William Lind which features a strategy of radicalizing and splitting off entire states in the project of tearing down the US government.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Mike Flynn’s Brain: William Lind
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Why is this ok in America?


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Jim Stewartson