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“The Truth Tornado of Twitter” 🤭

@KassandraSeven has a totally awesome new slogan after I showed her harassing Rebekah Jones. So I made a new marketing video for her. 😬

I guess weaponized professional troll @KassandraSeven needs more work criminally harassing people for money so she’s working on her brand. Today she is — a “Tornado” — which is a destructive, harmful anomaly that no one wants to be anywhere near.

Feel free to download and share this free marketing video for “The Truth Tornado of Twitter.”

Here’s the video of @KassandraSeven conspiring to harass Rebekah Jones until she got inauthentically suspended.

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Twitter Needs to Stop Allowing This
Watch now (2 min) | Here’s a video explainer of how @KassandraSeven and her network of trolls target people to silence them online, in this case DeSantis COVID whistleblower Rebekah Jones who had 400k followers when she was permanently banned. Feel free to download and share. Note that you can pause to read the tweets…
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